Total Image  have an extensive range of uniforms and workwear and specialise in coordinating uniform ranges based on their client’s requirements, working environment, job roles and overall brand image. Total Image have access to various suppliers and products to suit a wide range of industries.

When choosing the right shirt for a uniform, it is dependent on the industry and the job roles performed. It is important to consider the fabric, fit and features of a shirt before making a decision.

For corporate and office staff, Total Image have a number of high end, cotton rich shirts that look smart and professional. The cotton rich element in the shirt gives it a crisp look and is now available in crease resistance style.

For casual roles or job roles that require movement, Total Image recommend shirting with elastane and action back features to ensure comfort and ease of movement. In most cases, these shirts will have contemporary look. Hence it is important to choose a shirt that will suit everyone. For those who want something, easy care - a polyester blend shirt will ensure wash and wear benefits.

There are a number of features available in shirting that include crease resistant, cool dry, easy care cotton, liquid defence, wrinkle free and UV rating.

The shirting chosen for a uniform should be part of a co-ordinate range so that men and women can have matching or complementary shirts to ensure consistency.