Total Image Group  ensure that all products recommended meet their client’s specifications. It is important to know what to look for to ensure that the products comply with Australian standards. Employees should be safe and the risk should also be minimised.

There are a number of cheaper alternatives on the market. While the price may seem right, using these products as a uniform could be unfavourable, for those products should be used for promotional purpose only.

High Visibility garments must compliant to two standards:

  • AS/NZS4602- High Visibility Garments
  • AS/NZS1906.4- High Visibility Materials
High Visibility garments (AS/NZS4602) are classified into three classes:
  • Class D: Day Use Only (minimum 0.4m2 of fluorescent fabric on the upper torso)
  • Cass N: Night Use Only (reflective tape applied according to standards)
  • Class D/N: Day and Night Use: combination of the above two
High visibility safety materials are classified into three classes:
  • Class F: Fluorescent fabric for Day Use Only
  • Class R: Reflective fabric for Night Use Only
  • Class RF: Both Fluorescent and Reflective for Day/Night Use

Work wear garments should have ultraviolet protection and must comply with AS/NZS4399 (UV Protection). For employees in sun exposure, UPF rating on garments should be 40-50+ Excellent category. AS/NZS4602 and AS/NZS4399 (UV Protection) compliance should be shown/ permanently attached onto garments.

100% cotton high visibility garments are only compliant in jobs where it is dangerous to wear polyester.

Total Image Group provides fully certified brands and products.