The Zap pull-up display stand, offered by Tornado Displays , can be adjusted to the the required height. The Zap pull-up display stand is useful in shopping malls, airports and other security conscious locations and applications.

The Zap Roll-Up banner stand offers a quick graphic exchange system, giving the flexibility to use the same system and cost effective.

The Zap Pull-Up banner stands are designed to be used at large trade fairs, in showrooms, at conferences and in any small business applications.

The Maxibit Zap Pull-Up banner stands are also offered by Tornado Displays. The Maxibit Zap Pull-Up display stand has a high quality construction with an elegant design. The Maxibit Zap Pull-Up banner stands can be used repeatedly and are light in weight and compact. The Maxibit Zap Pull-Up banner stands are easy for carrying and transporting.

Specifications of the Zap Pull-Up display stand include:-

  • Adjustable heights 88 to 225cm
  • Two width options 88 to 118cm
  • Graphic Interchangeable System
  • Carried easily in a padded carry bag
  • Light in weight from 4.3kgs including graphics and bag