TintFX Sydney  also provides digitally printed films, projected films and so on. The use of digital prints for films facilitates creativity and also enhances the work environment. The use of digital prints also enhances the impact of brand identity of an organisation.

Decorative films are also offered by TintFX Sydney. This film includes translucent, opaque and textured coloured films. By combining materials with the printing images a range of creative options is created. Various concepts, from conservative to contemporary, are produced by TintFX Sydney.

Security and safety film from TintFX Sydney offer protection against disaster, vandalism, explosions and other unnatural events. Projector film is another product offered by TintFX Sydney. This film is ideal for multiple images and for slideshows. It can also be used as an advertising tool. This film is ideally suited for waiting rooms where information needs to conveyed to high traffic audiences.

Frosted film is used in various architectural designs and commercial fitouts. Frosted films enhance the décor and glass presentation. It creates a sense of privacy while still letting light pass through.