Tint Design  is a specialist in the production and installation of window films. Tint Design offers professional service, quality production and superior installation. Tint Design produces a variety of products like digital printing, precision cut film, signage, solar film, safety film and anti-graffiti film.

Digital Printing from Tint Design provides for printing of pictures and logos on windows. Precision cut film from Tint Design offers computer cut designs and patterns in various shapes and sizes to suit customer requirement. Tint Design also produces frost film options which aid in providing privacy to offices and boardrooms. Frost film options from Tint Design are available as full cover frost and patterned frost. Signage, an innovative product from Tint Design provides printed media communication in corporate and commercial firms.

Thermal comfort from Tint Design provides heating and natural light in building interiors. Thermal comfort saves cost and energy. Tint Design Safety Film aids in transforming old glass to current building standards and brings safety to glass. Tint Design anti-Graffiti film act as a barrier against vandals, scratches and spray paints.