Timbercrete  products used by Max Zalakos to build his home years ago impressed him so much that he decided to become a licensed manufacturer of the building masonry products.   

Timbercrete building blocks are made from recycled materials such as timber waste and other materials such as sand, clay and cement.  

Advantages of Timbercrete’s building masonry products range from superior sound absorption and thermal insulation to fire safety and lower construction costs.  

Max proudly states that no tree has ever been cut down specifically to produce Timbercrete bricks.  

Key advantages of Timbercrete bricks and building blocks: 

  • Provide up to six times the thermal insulation of conventional bricks
  • Excellent sound absorber
  • High fire safety rating compared to conventional building blocks and bricks
  • Extremely cost effective: Lightweight and large-sized bricks lower laying costs and speed up construction
  • Resistant to termites and rot
  • Store carbon gases making them environment-friendly
  • Available in a variety of colours, textures, sizes and shapes
  • Can be custom-designed and manufactured to suit individual needs

Timbercrete's building masonry is the way of the future in both appearance and ecological sustainability.