Max Zalakos from Timbercrete initiated the sustainable home project to showcase, inform and educate visitors about the advantages of environment-friendly living.  

The affordable sustainable home, he hopes will inspire people to consider sustainable options when planning their own homes.  

In addition to environmentally-responsible building masonry products from Timbercrete, local businesses have also contributed to the sustainable home project to showcase their sustainable products.  

Visitors to the sustainable home can access information about the cost of various options to help them make educated choices in incorporating affordable sustainable housing materials and products in their own homes.  

Timbercrete's beautiful and affordable building masonry has been used in the construction of the sustainable home.  

Timbercrete's building blocks offer improved thermal mass and greater insulation value to help save energy while making the affordable sustainable home more comfortable.  

Their range of environmentally sensitive building products can be used in the house and the garden.  

Timbercrete building masonry is available in a range of sizes and shapes to create an attractive and affordable sustainable home.