‘Sustaining Our Shoalhaven’ SOS House Project is building a sustainable home in Shoalhaven using Timbercrete blocks.  

Timbercrete blocks conform to the principles of ecological sustainability by providing  building materials that take substantially less energy to produce compared to traditional clay-fired bricks.  

The Sustaining Our Shoalhaven House Project is an initiative of Timbercrete Products Pty Ltd, which won in the Environmental Innovation Category of the 2004 Shoalhaven Building Design Awards.  

Shoalhaven's SOS House Project aims to provide an educational resource to impart knowledge about sustainable homes. Timbercrete's building blocks are aligned with the sustainability goal by providing environmentally-sensitive building masonry to build environmentally-safe homes.  

Timbercrete blocks actually store carbon gas and contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emission. By functioning as a carbon sink, the blocks offset the carbon gas emissions of thousands of cars each year.  

Timbercrete blocks can also be moulded into varying textures and lengths to create unique and attractive homes.