The Sustaining our Shoalhaven (SOS) House Project in Nowra is using recycled timber to showcase the importance of recyclable materials in sustaining the environment.  

The project incorporates several ecologically-responsible components including Timbercrete 's beautiful building blocks.  

Timbercrete's building masonry offers various significant environmental benefits:

  • Considerably less energy is expended to produce Timbercrete bricks
  • Only brick range that actually stores carbon gas and offsets carbon gas emissions of thousands of cars per year
  • Contains improved insulation value and thermal mass, reducing energy consumption
The SOS sustainable home project aims to increase the public’s awareness of creating green homes and being environmentally-sensitive in all activities.  

Recycling practices and Timbercrete’s ecologically safe building materials show people how they can help the environment and make a difference in their own backyards.