The Timbercrete Smooth Faced Sandstone range includes full sized or veneer bricks for those who want the look of sandstone or limestone but the exceptional qualities of Timbercrete, at a vastly cheaper price.

These sandstone bricks are uniform in size and shape and have a straight cut on their face. These bricks have the appearance of smooth cut sandstone or travertine and will also show subtle differences in texture and colour, which gives a house a unique look.

These smooth faced sandstone bricks can be purchased as a full sized 200mm block or as a veneer 120mm block. In either form, these bricks are easy to maintain, will not damage or mark easily, and as such do not require repairing or repainting.

Walls made from these smooth faced sandstone bricks can be nailed or screwed into directly, making shelving and hanging pictures a simple process.