Timbercrete  is working with Shoalhaven to create a unique green home that showcases sustainable design to homeowners.  

Built entirely with eco-friendly building materials, the Shoalhaven home demonstrates how homeowners can implement sustainable design features in new homes or during retrofits.    

Together with Shoalhaven council, Timbercrete created the idea of the SOS ‘Sustaining our Shoalhaven’ display home to show how individuals can use sustainable design features to reduce their footprint on energy and water usage around the home.  

Timbercrete is a useful contributor to the goal of sustainable design with their eco-friendly bricks used in the construction of the SOS home.  

Requiring much less energy than regular bricks to produce, Timbercrete bricks actually act as a carbon sink, offsetting the emissions from thousands of cars each year.  

Timbercrete bricks along with various other environment-friendly techniques and materials have made the SOS home an excellent example of sustainable design.