Timbercrete (Sydney)  provides an opportunity for customers to design a brick of their choice. Since it is cost effective in producing moulds and air-drying curing process Timbercrete (Sydney) can manufacture a bricks or blocks according to customer requirement and specification. This facility allows customers to construct their house based on their design and choice.

With this opportunity to design a brick, the only extra cost to the customer would be cost of having cost of having to produce a non standard brick or block. Timbercrete (Sydney) provides cladding ideal for residential and commercial renovations and extensions.

By using Timbercrete (Sydney) products for renovation older house, it would give an appearance of a sandstone or limestone. Timbercrete (Sydney) also provides coolstone for pavers, ideal for outdoor gardens, wishing wells, kiddie castles, retainer walls, garages, garden borders, sheds, fences and many more.

Timbercrete from Timbercrete (Sydney) is a revolutionary new building product. The official website of Timbercrete (Sydney) is designed to provide information resources to assist customers in building process, like providing technical manuals, guidelines for buildings etc. Timbercrete is manufactured and distributed internationally through Timbercrete (Sydney) franchise network. Timbercrete (Sydney) is soon to be accredited by GlobalMark & CodeMark.