Tilt Industrial Design designed, manufactured and installed a retractable roof for a new Sydney restaurant, allowing it to operate at maximum capacity and also offer flexible dining options to patrons.

TILT’s operable roof for the newly opened Tequila Mockingbird Restaurant in Paddington has enabled the venue to transform its fully enclosed dining space into an alfresco experience for patrons, with just the touch of a button.

Tequila Mockingbird Director, Michael Fegent explains that the operable roof gives them a point of difference to most venues; it not only has that wow factor but also changes the whole dynamic of a small venue. For instance, the restaurant is now able to book out the entire venue without having to worry about the rain; in fine weather, they also have the flexibility to offer an ambient open-air courtyard space.

According to TILT Managing Director, Tim Phillips, an increasing number of hospitality venues are seeking versatile all-weather spaces. He observes that restaurants and bars feel the need to be able to offer their patrons not just seasonal variety but also the assurance that the venue can manage their event despite the weather.

Having this assurance also means venues can confidently operate at maximum capacity and optimise the dining experience to fit weather conditions – providing alfresco dining in clear weather and fully enclosed dining in times of rain. TILT’s operable roof also allows smaller venues to maximise available space.

Using the one touch control system, the roof can be moved to a partially or fully closed or open position with the battery backup ensuring it can still be operated even during a power outage.

For the Tequila Mockingbird project, TILT designed a custom roof specifically to suit the architectural intent. Instead of adapting an existing product type to the property, the architect was able to maintain a large amount of control in the final aesthetic of the TILT design.

Tequila Mockingbird was designed by Luchetti Krelle with the base building designed by Ian Burl Architects and Arcon Projects. Contracted to Arcon Projects, TILT collaborated with several project consultants to realise the retractable roof design for this challenging renovation.