Now available from TigerTurf is the new Summer Envy synthetic grass that features a beige/brown polypropylene thatch, replacing the green nylon thatch of Envy, to offer a more natural Australian grass look.

The thatch of Summer Envy synthetic grass is tall and visible when infilled and provides additional support to the monofilament, reducing pile fall.

Summer Envy synthetic grass features a dense surface that is soft to touch in every direction. The thatched yarn and monofilaments of the synthetic grass work in combination to bloom multi directionally. These features help to make Summer Envy synthetic grass to look more natural and less shiny as light is reflected in more directions.

Our Gold Landscape Partner, Stephen Galletly from Grass1 says 'The market has been crying out for a luxurious, natural looking grass with a truly Australian look and feel. TigerTurf Summer Envy has delivered this and our clients are loving it. A very full product that delivers a great feel underfoot together with a very grass like appearance'.