TigerTurf  manufactures artificial grass for club sport, school sport and play. TigerTurf developes synthetic turfs for sports installations including tennis, hocky, bowls, football, multi-use, rugby, cricket and golf. Under club sport, TigerTurf offers an extensive link of synthetic turf surfaces that replicates a natural grass surface. The synthetic tennis surfaces are designed to meet the needs of the user's performance requirements.

TigerTurf also supplies and installs acrylic surface options to ITF standards. An extensive range of acrylic hard court coatings to high performance cushioned acrylic surfaces are also offered. TigerTurf also offers lighting and fencing facilities for the projects undertaken.
TigerTurf uses technology which provides for an exceptionally safe surface, protecting against injuries caused by falls to the surface. TigerTurf's football products are loboratory tested to meet the required national and international standards.

These surfaces are tough, durable, longlasting and avoids bumps. TigerTurf assures a sure footed, shock absorbing surfaces that protects players safety. It is an accredited licensee of FIFA quality concept.
TigerTurf synthetic greens also facilitate bowls with incresed performance and reduced maintenance costs. Synthetic green provides a consistent and smooth surface that delivers an enjoyable experience for the players of bowls.

TigerTurf has installed over 300 bowls clubs in eight different countries. The continuous research, testing and perfecting has enabled TigerTurf to produce synthetic turfs of high quality, performance, durability and beauty.