A commitment to best practice in efficiency led the International Grammar School in Sydney to adopt sensor tapware from Thornthwaite Technologies for their washrooms.  

Thornthwaite Technologies specialises in the supply of temperature-controlled and water-saving products as part of their commercial washroom products range.  

Installing Presto Volta tapware has resulted in better hygiene, a reduction in water usage and better user comfort for the school.  

As a community of over 1000 students, teachers and staff, the International Grammar School in Sydney was established in Randwick in 1984, and moved to its current Ultimo campus in 1997.  

Best practice management  

The school has adopted a Best Practice model when it comes to environmental management with a range of initiatives being implemented to help students, teachers and staff to be considerate of their surroundings and the impact they have on the environment.  

EnviroBanks in the campus courtyard, recycling of paper in classrooms, battery and lamp recycling as well as the replacement of old, inefficient fluoro tubes with newer, longer-life and lower emission T5 tubes are just some of the initiatives from the Facilities Management team at the school.  

Reducing water use and maintenance costs  

Sensor taps were suggested as a key method to reduce water usage and also ensure better hygiene for users.  

Facilities Manager, Patrick Skagerfält said that they applied the best practice approach when it was time to update tapware throughout the school. Sensor taps were already under consideration at the school and the availability of a Government Water Grant made it possible.  

The Facilities Management team opted to install the Presto Volta sensor taps.  

Presto Volta is designed to deliver high levels of hygiene for users as well as reduce the amount of water used in each wash and offers several features that improve water efficiency such as sensor activated flow and automatic shut-off when the user removes their hands.  

Pramod Mainali, the school’s Maintenance Supervisor said that they were impressed by the ease of maintenance and the emphasis on hygiene with the Presto Volta tap.  

Installing Volta sensor taps  

Over 70 taps have been installed throughout the school in a combination of non-mixer taps in the student washrooms and mixer taps in the teacher washrooms.  

Battery-operated sensor taps were used because the taps needed to be retrofitted to existing washbasins and offered easier installation. Battery versions have on an average, a 3-year battery life.    

According to Pramod, Thornthwaite’s customer service has been very good - both in training them how to maintain the Voltas as well as technical support. A preventative maintenance program also helps them get the taps serviced efficiently.  

The outcome  

Installing the Presto Volta sensor taps at the school has resulted in lower water usage and less maintenance time. With a best practice ethos being applied across the school’s facilities, the International Grammar School is well on its way to achieving a greener, more environmentally-aware community.