WHO60 Grout from Thor Helical Australia is a shrink compensated, two part, thixotropic cementitious grouting product. It is suitable for injecting with a hand applicator and has been designed to use with Thor Remedial Reinforcement and Thor Remedial Wall Ties.

This grouting product has been manufactured in Australia specifically for Australian conditions and comes in a sealed tamperproof mixing bucket. The components are mixed on site to a smooth creamy consistency with the use of a powered mixing paddle.

Thor Helical Australia realise that cement based grouts work better with metal reinforcement. The combination of Thor Helical reinforcement wire with this grout provides a stabilisation system which is ideal for active structures such as masonry.

Where other higher strength grouts and polyester or epoxy adhesives have been shown to restrict the natural movement of masonry, WHO60 Grout has micro-cracking properties which allow it a certain degree of flexibility. This means that it can compensate for natural expansion and contraction in masonry whereas these other products will eventually induce further cracking within adjacent areas.