Thor Helical Australia offers a wide range of wall ties, reinforcement wires and other products that support repair and construction applications. The hammer driven helical fixings can be used on different kinds of construction materials including brick, concrete, block, aerated-concrete and timber.

The Thor 6 millimeter helical is available in varied length and depths to match the masonry requirement. The helical ties can also be custom designed to match individual requirements.

The WHO60 Grout ties, a product from Thor Helical Australia is suitable for deep embedment. It is a consistent quantity masonry. The Thor 9 millimeter diaphragm ties are suitable for timber roofing and floor framing. The Thor 6 millimeter is suitable for crack stitching while the Thor 9 millimeter is suitable for both new and remedial wall ties. The drive ties are manufactured using precise pitch twisting technology.

The Thor Helical tie wire offered by Thor Helical Australia increases the bonding characteristics when attached to grouts. The helical tie wire is designed in such a way that it supports the natural building movement and eliminates sudden failure. Thor Helical Australia also provides Testers. The HEL3700 test meter is used for testing precise pitch helical wall tie systems.

In order to maintain a close relationship with the customers, Thor Helical Australia holds a wide distribution network. This enables Thor Helical Australia to cater to the requirements of customers in times of need.