With the hot weather approaching, the Clay Brick and Association have given a timely reminder of the benefits of building a home with full brick as an alternative to air-conditioning.

“Most of us have had the experience of entering an old brick or stone building on a hot day and noticed how cool the interior was compared to the outside temperature,” says Bob Rushton, executive director of the Clay Brick and Paver Association .

With the increasing cost of energy, concern for the environment and the NSW government introduction of the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) to ensure new homes use less water and energy, Rushton says it’s worthwhile learning from the construction techniques of old buildings with heavy walls, verandahs, and shaded windows keeping them cool.

“Most homes are now built on a concrete slab floor. With a full brick home the walls are built directly onto the slab, and they reflect or absorb much of the outside heat rather than allowing it to pass through into the interior of the home.

“At night the walls cool down, ready to absorb more heat and keep the interior of the home cool the next hot day,” he adds.

The Clay Brick and Paver Association is predicting a swing to full brick as Australian families search for a more comfortable and environmentally sympathetic home.

“The long term running costs of a full brick home are lower than brick veneer. As well as energy savings, the internal brick walls don’t require regular painting or repair,” Rushton says.

For more information, visit the associations website, www.brickbydesign.com