For over 40 years Thermon has been helping their heat tracing customers get more heat out of their steam tracing tubes, and now their heat efficiency is so good that many customers are demanding less heat.

To meet these demands, Thermon have created the SafeTrace series of isolated steam tracing tubes specifically designed to winterise pipes while reducing burn risks and decreasing steam consumption compared to conventional bare tube steam tracers.

Designed to provide the accurate and predictable heat transfer properties required to maintain temperature sensitive or corrosive products, SafeTrace steam tracing tubes permit winterisation of any sized pipe and eliminate the hot and cold spots associated with bare metal tracers and spacer blocks.

SafeTrace steam tracing tubes comply with ASTM Std C-1055 for skin exposure temperatures of less than 58°C when in contact with a hot surface for five seconds, and a safety yellow jacket alerts plant personnel to inherently dangerous materials, such as steam, as per ASME/ANSI A13.1-1996.

Easily installed without the need for channels, spacer blocks or metallic attachment bands, SafeTrace steam tracing tubes are simply attached to the pipeworks or vessel with temperature rated adhesive tape. This reduces installation costs by requiring 1/3 less labor than spacer blocks and eliminates the need for transition lines and fittings. Furthermore, fewer fittings cuts maintenance and repairs.