Thermon Australia  offers a range of flexible heating panels for non-metallic tanks and vessels. RTF FlexiPanel flexible heating panels are a line of self-contained, high performance heating panels designed specifically for use on tanks and vessels made from fibreglass or plastic.  

These flexible heating panels are also suitable for metallic tanks or vessels containing high viscosity or temperature-sensitive fluids.  

RTF FlexiPanel flexible heating panels are designed to provide heat outputs at 1085 Watts per square metre or less.  

The heating panel distributes heat evenly over the entire panel surface to maintain stable temperatures.  

Additionally, the low profile flexible design of the panel permits rapid, trouble-free installation with a convenient mounting kit from Thermon supplied with the system.

The RTF FlexiPanel utilises a parallel circuit design based on a stamped high temperature alloy heating element to ensure multiple flow paths for the electrical current to pass. This design eliminates the burnout potential common with series wire-based designs.  

The RTF FlexiPanel is ruggedly constructed and includes a tough metal jacket that provides mechanical protection during handling and installation.  

The panel’s heating element is sandwiched between heat-laminated layers of silicone rubber that provides cushion and a watertight seal to protect it from vibration and moisture respectively.