Thermon  is a specialist in manufacturing heat tracing products.

Thermon's products are categorised into following types:

  • Industrial electric heat tracing
  • Commercial electric heat tracing
  • Steam heat tracing
  • Hot water temperature maintenance

Thermon's industrial electric heat tracing includes self-regulating cables, series constant watt cables, power limiting cables, skin effect systems etc.

Self-regulating heating cables

Thermon's self regulating heating cables increases the power when there is fall in temperature and comes up when there is raise in temperature.Thermon has been manufacturing self-regulating heating cables in order to meet the specific demands regarding each of its applications.

Thermon's heating cables are a good source for metallic and non-metallic tanks and piping. Self-regulating cables allows easy installation and are designed easily ranging from maintainence of temperature to freeze protection.

Tank and Hopper heating systems

Thermon's heating cables are exclusively used in tank heating applications.For freeze protection RSX and BSX self regulating heating cables are used.
HTSX and HPT cables used up to 300°F (149°C).

Steam heat tracing includes heat transfer compounds,thermo tubes etc.

Thermo tubes-preinsulating tubing

Thermon's preinsulating tube uses a single process tube which transposes the steam and maintained at temperature around 204°C.

Thermon's commercial and electric heat tracing includes hot water temperature, snow and ice melting, refrigeration, freeze protection. Snow and ice melting products are marketed as KSR,RGS and SnoTrac .

Applications of Thermon's products

Thermon's products are applied in the following sectors for pipe temperature maintenance, pipe freeze protection, tubing bundles, LNG production etc.