Thermofoil from Thermogroup Australia is underfloor heating that has been specifically designed for use under laminate or engineered boards.

The insulation mats are available at 100w/msquared and 150w/m2 to provide the right amount of power for the floor and is less than 1mm thick so there is no problem of height build-up.

Constructed from three layers of polyester encapsulating the copper bus bar and conductive heating strip, the ultra-thin heating system is able to produce outputs to suit the heating requirements of virtually any building, although Thermofoil is not suitable for use in wet areas.

Thermofoil insulation mats are delivered pre-terminated for ease of installation however Thermogroup can provide an adaptation kit to ensure re-termination if a length needs to be trimmed on site.

If the available sizes do not fit an application, Thermogroup’s bespoke manufacturing service can customise Thermofoil insulation mats to exact sizes.