Thermofilm Australia  announces the availability of a comprehensive set of support documents that will simplify the selection of HEATSTRIP indoor and outdoor heaters.
Thermofilm’s comprehensive support documents for the HEATSTRIP indoor and outdoor heater range are designed to assist customers with product choice, installation recommendations and guidelines, and product accessories, completely taking out the guesswork in selection.
Thermofilm Australia’s HEATSTRIP product line includes the Classic, Max and Indoor ranges with each range designed to suit different situations and applications.
Each HEATSTRIP product range is now supported by a comprehensive Product and Installation Manual, a handy Quick Reference Guide and the Product Brochure.
The HEATSTRIP Product and Installation Manual is a detailed document that covers everything from product specifications and operating costs to radiant heating concepts, a selection guide and installation recommendations and requirements.
The HEATSTRIP Quick Reference Guide is a two-page document ideal for quick handy installation recommendations and guidelines.
The HEATSTRIP Product Brochure features product and installation images along with basic product specifications and an overview of accessories.