Thermofilm Australia announces the launch of a new dedicated website for the Envirotouch range of intelligent energy saving switches.

A unique range of switches that give users greater control over their energy usage, the Envirotouch switch is designed to replace existing switches and power sockets, allowing lights and appliances to be turned off after a pre-set time without any human intervention.

A button-touch operation allows the user to automatically select the running time from multiple pre-set options (e.g. 15, 45, 60 or 120 minutes). Default times can be set for different lights and appliances; for instance, one can select 15 minutes for a child’s bedroom light, 60 minutes for an electric blanket, or 45 minutes for a school classroom. Multiple cycles are provided for heated towel rails.

Operating as a normal on/off switch if required, Envirotouch is packed with intelligent functions to provide an energy saving solution for different environments.

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