HEATSTRIP outdoor heaters from Thermofilm Australia are available in two ranges featuring different temperature outputs.

HEATSTRIP Classic and HEATSTRIP Max are infrared radiant heaters with their varying temperature outputs making them ideal for diverse outdoor and even indoor heating applications.

The HEATSTRIP Classic (THH-A range) heater is designed for outdoor undercover installations up to 2.7 metres from the ground. Typical applications include alfresco areas, patios, verandahs, cafes and smoking areas.

The HEATSTRIP Max (THX range) is a very high temperature ‘low-glow’ infrared heater, designed for outdoor unprotected installations up to 3.5 metres from the ground. These outdoor heaters are suitable for patios, balconies, verandahs, beer gardens, terraces and courtyards.

Both Classic and Max HEATSTRIP infrared heaters can also be installed large indoor spaces, especially in factories, showrooms and halls.

HEATSTRIP Classic and Max product manuals can be downloaded from the Thermofilm Australia website.