Euroaluminium Australia ’s EC65TB Supertherm thermal break systems are re-inforced polyamide bars inserted between the inside and outside aluminium profiles to provide insulated windows systems.  

The EC65TB Supertherm insulated windows systems offer superior thermal and acoustic performance for any architectural project. With extra wide 34mm bars and extra wide 51.7mm glazing pockets, these insulated window systems achieve the significant thermal and acoustic performance criteria.

Other advantages of the Thermal Break insulated windows systems include:

  • Energy saving up to 66% better than a standard aluminium window reducing expenses on heating and on air conditioning
  • Reduction of condensation
  • Reduction of noise
  • Aesthetic advantage: bi-coloured systems (upon request).
Manufactured using the sophisticated technology, durable aluminium profiles and high quality fittings, these insulated window systems comply with Australian Standards, and  with AWA - Australian Window Association and WERS - Window Energy Rating Scheme.