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    Drainage system blockage prevention solution from the Wondercap Company

    The Wondercap Company

    The Wondercap Company is the manufacturer of the product ‘Wondercap’, which is a device that can be installed in the waste outlets and shower risers before starting on constructing a building. The Wondercap from the Wondercap Company is designed to protect the outlets from being contaminated and thus help in blockage protection while the process of construction is being carried out. The Wondercap is equipped with an insert cap, which prevents foreign objects from entering the drainage system of the building and protects the system from blockage hassles and odour.

    The Wondercap product from the Wondercap Company can be adjusted to fit every kind of floor and shower waste outlet. The Wondercap can also be adjusted upwards and downwards. There are weep holes in the Wondercap that help to drain floor and shower wastes. Another application for which Wondercap from the Wondercap Company can be used is when bathrooms are being renovated. The Wondercap can also be used effectively on concrete or wooden floors, for all wet areas, as well as for dry floor wastes and balcony outlets.

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