The Wondercap device available from the Wondercap Company allows the tilers to measure the accuracy of the grate to 100%. The specialty of the Wondercap device is that without removing the cap, the area of the cover can be adjusted upwards and downwards. The weep holes permit the flow of drainage through the tiles and the membrane.

The Wondercap provides high accuracy levels even while working with wet areas. The Wondercap also enables pipes to be sealed at the slab level. The Wondercap device from the Wondercap Company comes with a removable protective cap and a 100 mm puddle flange on its 100 mm insert base. The product can support and transfer wastes of up to 50 mm.

The Wondercap is constructed using plastic and chrome grates so that high level of accuracy becomes possible. The Wondercap is available in Australia through the companies Reece and Tradelink as well as plumbers hardware distributors. The various types available include Above Floor Waste Connector, Above Shower Waste Connector and Wondercap Kit including Puddle Flange. The dimensions available include 50 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm.