Rockite by The WDS Group is an expanding hydraulic cement which can be poured and sets within 15 minutes. It has a thick consistency which expands once set. It has an extremely high strength and is able to handle traffic within half an hour of setting. Rockite is ideal for concrete patching and repairs in masonry, but can also be used for anchoring bolts, threaded rod, reinforcement bars, machinery, balustrades, railings, seating, conveyor mountings, racking and tilt up construction. Rockite has a number of features while includes being oil resistant, an indefinite shelf life, unshrinkable, self levels, self bonds and does not require primers.

The mixing of Rockite is easy, and all that is required is a clean container and water. Customers should note that only what is able to be used in 10 minutes should be mixed up. For a fluid consistency, pour 260 millilitres of water for every kilogram of Rockite. For a plastic consistency, pour 230 millilitres of water for every kilogram of Rockite. Kneading with hands may be necessary to ensure the correct consistency for troweling. Rockite is available in four convenient sized packs, a 454 gram box, 2.2 kilogram box, a 4.5 kilogram pail and a 22.5 kilogram pail.