The Wagga Iron Foundry  boast a fine collection of Cast iron Lace patterns dating back to the 1800’s with some being dated and having the original Foundry’s name inscribed on the back. With so many foundries in operation 100 years ago, there were many different balustrades, friezes, picket heads and columns designed, with innovative designs in Sydney and rural NSW being rare in Victoria and vice versa.

The Wagga Iron Foundry have collected many different Heritages Lace patterns over their 80 year history, so can cater to many tastes and styles. The Wagga Iron Foundry can often match existing lace work or columns and if not they just need to be supplied with an example of the lace and they can duplicate the original.

Cast iron heritage lace has a texture and characters all of its own, which cannot be duplicated by aluminium. The Wagga Iron Foundry make each casting individually using sand moulding methods similar to those used when the first Heritage lace pieces were made.

Quality is never compromised at any step of the process from the purchase of raw materials for the metal to the skilled and careful moulding of the casting to the dressing and painting of each piece.

The iron used to make heritage lace castings is a ductile iron, which is malleable and not brittle like the old castings used to be and is easier to weld. The Wagga Iron Foundry continue the manufacture of cast iron lace in Australia and are sure that anyone choosing to make this investment in their home will treasure the beauty and elegance it adds to their home.