Cast iron columns can be both functional and beautiful and come in a huge variety of styles. Cast iron columns have an enormous weight bearing capacity but are often installed for their beauty alone.   

Wagga Iron can match existing columns for an extension or put together something to suit a new building, whether it be a small terrace or large commercial building. The tradition heritage columns are very popular with elegantly fluted shafts and decorative capitals but columns can also be square or smooth round for a more contemporary feel and come in almost any height.

Wagga Iron also offers floral patterned shafts and a large range of bases from short to tall. They also have a significant range of open work columns which look absolutely stunning on both heritage style homes and more contemporary designs.  

Each Wagga Iron cast iron column is designed and constructed in the pattern shop then individually sand moulded and poured with molten metal then painstakingly dressed to remove excess sand and metal. The cast iron columns are then painted with a quality etch primer and packaged for transport to their new home.