The Wagga Iron Foundry  has specialised in the supply of cast iron balusters as replacements for missing decorative and functional ironwork. The craftsmen at Wagga Iron have the qualities required for this intricate and valuable work.

The Wagga Iron Foundry has a wide range of patterns for cast iron balusters but can also supply custom made items re-created from the client’s original pattern.

It should be remembered that iron contracts and shrinks by about 1% upon freezing. If it is replacing a lost baluster this may affect the continuity if it is part of a series.

As well as cast iron balusters, The Wagga Iron Foundry also stock steel handrails that are convex on the top and flat underneath for fastening to the tops of the balusters. This helps to strengthen the balustrade. Timber handrails are also available.

Balusters should have no more than a 150mm gap between. This is stipulated by Building Authorities prevent children from climbing through the gaps.