Timber Benders is about the revival of an old craft that uses steam to soften and make pliable solid timber and then bend to shape using heritage machinery and old and proven techniques.

However, Timber Benders can still contribute to today's world in a practical sense.

Suitable timbers for bending are:

Spotted Gum, Jarrah, Celery Top, Silver Ash, Blackwood, Sassafras, Vic Ash, Elm, Oak, Cherry, White Ash, Danta, Mahogany and other long fibre timbers. Air dried preferably.

Some short fibre timbers can be hand bent.

The preservation of the old machinery (circa 1860) with their timeless character is an important aspect of the Timber Benders, along with the revival of techniques used to work with these magnificent machines.

Current challenges revolve around the use of different timbers as the traditional dwindle and disappear, and even the use of some recycled timbers. Imagination is often the limiting factor when working with and designing for steam bent timber.