The Sealeck Group’s ‘High Security’ range of quality metal products provides clients with different levels of safety. While the use of bullet and attack resistant technology in the form of doors, windows and pass thru units provides a level of protection against theft, violence and intimidation, the latest blast resistant products have been designed to minimize the effects that occur in the incidence of blast damage.

The blast resistant doors and windows, with a variety of surface finishes have been thoroughly tested at the Woomera Rocket Range. These products were produced to specific government and industry requirements and were successful in withstanding 415kg TNT at a stand off distance of 30m and 5000kg of TNT from a distance of 68m respectively. Full details of tests are available.

With history of over 30 years in design and manufacture, Sealeck’s products are all Australian made, aesthetically pleasing and can comply with the associated Australian standards.