The Salvage Company  are heavy timber specialists offering a wide range of quality hardwoods from sustainable local sources. New and recycled timber can be custom milled to suit specific customer specifications.

The Salvage Company are able to supply new and recycled timber up to 400mm x 400mm and in lengths of up to 10m.

New timber is sourced from sustainable sources throughout Australia, primarily the East Coast and Western Australia for the Jarrah.

Recycled timber is typically reclaimed from old wool stores, warehouses and railway bridges. This timber goes through a rigorous production process to remove any metal. It is then sawn and processed to requirements.

Recycled timber from The Salvage Company comes from old growth forest and is generally know as “Royal Hardwoods” which include:

  • Iron Bark
  • Spotted Gum; and
  • Tallowwood
More information on the range of new and recycled timbers is available from The Salvage Company.