The Oko Art Studio  provides visual arguments and presentations of architectural projects and future buildings plans. The Oko Art Studio offers a 3D images and perspective representations of space for every architect works. This helps individuals to find images that imitate optic illusions of space and, hence, gives an appearance in photographs being more realistic, accurate and expressive.

The Oko Art Studio employs professionals in visual art, who are specialised in interpretations of 2D architectural drawings. The Oko Art Studio can create realistic images and animation of spaces and objects. The firm also makes pictures that give a realistic appearance of client building projects.

Clients are assisted in various projects that can achieve effective price that they desire in the market. Clients can also contact The Oko Art Studio in selling a building on the Internet or if they have to notify their potential customers.

The Oko Art Studio gives fine finished visual concepts through application of the images in either in a printed media, CD ROM and internet multimedia presentations. The official website provides detailed information regarding the different service and it also has a gallery of architectural presentations.