The Oko Art Studio  provides multimedia projects using architectural visualisations. The Oko Art Studio has carried out projects like Del Mar Villa, Belvedere project, darling street apartments, Mondo apartment animation, caterpillar animation, a home walk through etc.

The Del Mar Villa architectural visualisations includes a perspectives and interior panoramas of Tuscan style villa in California. This is applied in a promotional brochure, in large posters. It can also be obtained in a CD ROM multimedia presentation. As with Belvedere project, it is for residential development offered by VR panoramas and perspectives plans.

The Oko Art Studio offers small Web multimedia presentation including design and production of a CD ROM presentation as well as graphic design and printing of large and medium size outdoor and indoor posters. This Belvedere project was commissioned by M.S.Homes, Melbourne, Australia.

The darling street apartment’s project is comprised of one exterior, two interior perspectives, one interior VR Panorama and one 3d floorplan for each level of the building. The Oko Art Studio also provides interactive maps, scripting services and designs.

The Mondo apartment project was carried out with a simple web interface visual materials that was used for marketing of Mondo project in Moonee Ponds in Melbourne. The caterpillar animation visual study was for an industrial development focusing to empower boardroom arguments.