Peelers-Cutter Mixer-Food Cutter series from The Hobart Manufacturing Company consists of Potato Peeler 6414 6kg Bench Model, Potato Peeler 6430 13.5kg, Potato Peeler 6460 27Kg, Cutter Mixer HCM450 43-Ltr and Food Cutter 84186 6.8Kg. The Mincer variety from The Hobart Manufacturing Company includes No. 12 Tinned Chopping End & Pan. The N50-619 mixer encompasses features such as five litre capacity with no. 10 attachment hub full gear mechanism, standard bowl guard for operators safety, 240/50/1 - 0.11kW (10 amps) electrical supply, 5-Quart/Lt stainless steel bowl, B-Beater and stainless steel D-Whip, E-Dough-Hook.

A200C-2251-E mixer from The Hobart Manufacturing Company includes features such as 20 Quart/mixer 3 speed - 15 minute timer - 3 fixed speeds, ergonomic style bowl lift, hand crank operated self-locking in top and bottom position, full gear driven mechanism, heavy duty stainless steel bowl guard, 240/50/1 (10 amps) electrical supply, supplied standard with stainless steel safety guard, stainless steel bowl, B-beater, stainless steel D-Whip and ED-Dough Hook.

The EDGE slicer from The Hobart Manufacturing Company encompasses features such as 300 millimetre compact medium duty gravity feed slicer, operator safety, durability, sanitation and performance, ergonomic style handle, permanent blade ring guard, blade shielded even when sharpener removed, gauge plate and carriage interlock, contoured blade improves yield, ribbed gauge plate for smooth feeding, swing away meat grip, anodised aluminium base with curved corners ensures easy cleaning, contoured carbon steel knife, cuts up to 15.8 millimetre in thickness, top mounted borazon stone sharpener and so on.