The Greenwall Company introduces practical greening solutions with double-sided greenwalls designed to offer a versatile green dividing solution.

Offering amenity to both sides, this freestanding design was recently installed by The Greenwall Company for a client.

Mark Paul, Founder of The Greenwall Company explains that greenwalls traditionally have been designed to cover facades of buildings or structures to provide amenity and environmental benefits. Their latest project evolved from the client’s brief that sought a solution to screen a commercial radio station as well as a surgery entrance and the associated car park. The solution also had to separate their own garage and driveway from their indoor/outdoor entertaining space.

The Greenwall Company supplied an eight-panel greenwall structure spanning over 8m in length and 2m in height. The strategic planting has enabled the height of the greenwall to far exceed the dimensions of the structure, essentially blocking the commercial building situated behind.

Over 40 plant species were incorporated into the design including Aechmea callichroma, Alcantarea vinicolor, Aechmea blanchettiana, Begonia mazii, Saxifraga stolonifera, Fosterella speciosum, Callisia fragrans and Chlorophytum ‘sea breeze’ among many more.

Mark concludes that their greenwall structure has successfully met the brief requirements for a tranquil setting to be created for the family to enjoy the patio area.