The Greenwall Company founder Mark Paul opened his home for public viewing during Sydney’s hidden Design Festival over the weekend.

The man behind Australia’s first greenwall, Mark Paul was excited about the opportunity to show and demonstrate their various greening solutions, which go well beyond mere aesthetic appeal.

Mark’s gardens have been designed to incorporate all aspects of sustainability, making them self-sustainable. Each element from the EcoPillows located on various roofs, from the front entrance through to the chicken coop, to the panel greenwalls and troughs around the pool feed off each other, creating an effective stormwater drainage solution.

Mark’s gardens are soil-less and use a recycled media created out of 96% of recycled materials that would otherwise be destined for Australian landfill. The recycled media not only makes their installations significantly lighter, but further enhances their property’s sustainability rating.

Featuring over 140 species including many sourced from trips around the world, Mark Paul’s property offers multiple greening solutions.


Recommended for outdoor and indoor areas where space is a premium or if there is an unsightly area that needs covering, greenwalls can help reduce overall temperatures of a building, improve quality of air and lower noise levels.


EcoPillows are lightweight gabions pre-planted and strategically placed on the surface of the roof. They not only create a unique look and feel to the home but are also proven to reduce stormwater runoff and provide greater insulation for the building, extending the life of the roof membrane and also reducing noise penetration.

Pseudo greenwalls

Pseudo greenwalls offer an economical solution for homeowners to green a space, and are created by securing individual pots to the desired space rather than applying pre-planted panels. Once they grow out, these greenwalls transform awkward spaces.