Greenwalls from The Greenwall Company are a major design component of the new Global Change Institute Building at the University of Queensland (UQ).

The building, which has received a six Green Star rating, is the highest Green Star rated project for The Greenwall Company.

The Global Change Institute Building features a 70m² panelled greenwall over the air-conditioning vent; the greenwall has been installed to clean and purify the air, facilitating the idea of a ‘living building’. The Green wall design also represents the university’s green principles and ongoing commitment to sustainability in research and education.

Mark Paul, Founder and Director of The Greenwall Company commented that it was a great honour for the company to be part of such a vast project that solely focused on sustainable design, practices and resources.

The building’s six Green Star rating recognises The Greenwall Company’s leadership in environmental awareness, raising a greater understanding of the benefits of sustainable design, construction and urban planning.

The greenwalls will eventually become self-sustaining within the building, needing only minimal maintenance, further reducing the consumption of resources.

Greenwalls from The Greenwall Company are made from 94 per cent recyclable materials, extending the benefit beyond mere aesthetic appeal.