Pearlglaze, from The Evic Group , are designed especially for adhesion to glass. PearlGlaze are available in pearlescents, metallic and solid colours. PearlGlaze are exceptionally durable two part polyurethane that has been designed specifically for bonding to glass through spray application.

PearlGlaze from The Evic Group are available in four variants such as 1040 solid colour, 1042 highlighter, 1044 solidpearl, 1046 metalglaze. All variants from The Evic Group use the same part B hardeners and thinners. PearlGlaze from The Evic Group are used to add colour or subtle effects to glass for most architectural applications. These include kitchens splashbacks, toughened benchtops, glass furniture, feature walls, feature tiles and so on. PearlGlaze from The Evic Group are applied to standard, float or slump glass. PearlGlaze once cured are extremely difficult to remove without damaging the glass.

PearlGlaze offers features such as superior adhesion to glass substrates, four alluring finishes and faster turnaround for applicators. Global from The Evic Group is designed from ground-up to provide speed, definition of image as well as a wide range of finishes all in one easy to use and economic system. Global offers conventional solid colours, clear finishes for timber and metallic, eye-catching metallic, and textures featuring the outstanding Lumina metallic texture.