Global from The Evic Group are designed for high-speed production environments where the pace of cure as well as product dynamics are critical. Global is extensively tested to provide the user with a optimal spraying and at the same time delivers the ideal flow as well as levelling properties at a speed comparable to 850 Spraythane. Spraythane 2000 delivers a stunningly undistorted definition of image with a unique combination of ingredients and additives that “fit” seamlessly in order to offer an unobstructed gloss finish. Colours appear deeper and more brilliant in Spraythane 2000. Reflections are crisp and sharp.

Spraythane 2000 are well suited for kitchen and bathroom cabinets that acts as a protective topcoat over timber (Spraythane 2000 Clear), or as a durable finish for shopfronts and commercial interiors. Spraythane 2000 offers 100 percent gloss finish. Finishes such as satin (55-65 percent), matt finishes (25-35 percent) and textures are available in Spraythane 850 and the Global family of finishes. 850 Spraythane from The Evic Group was initially designed for use in a Queensland summer. Spraythane 850 are ideal for shopfitting, Kitchen and bathroom, cabinetry, clears over timber or veneer paneling. Vinyltex from The Evic Group encompasses features such as three degress of coarseness, super-fast curing, same hardeners as Spraythane 850, tough, resistant finishing and so on.