The Evic Group  offers one of the uncompromised quality for interior walls as well as ceilings. The Evic Group strives to focus on customer satisfaction as well as performance of the product. The Evic Group offers products range such as Evic Primer, 1040 PearlGlaze, 1600 Global, 2000 Spraythane, 850 Spraythane, 853 Vinyltex. The Evic Group offers three main sanding primers that are fully compatible with every topcoat applied by The Evic Group. The product comprises of 730/1 polyurethane sanding primer, 750 superbuild polyester primer, 1560 global polyester primer. The 730/1 polyurethane sanding primer is an all round performer with high build, long pot life, fast sanding and topcoat hold out for quality applicators.

750 superbuild polyester primers is a high build with superior hold out that offers rapid response to baking for quick production. 1560 global polyester primer includes superior ?ow and levelling, long pot life, combined with easiest sanding of any primer and easy scraping. The features offered by Evic Primers comprises of design for high build, supreme hold out and easy sanding, available in polyurethane and polyester primers. The primers of The Evic Group have been designed in conjunction with professional spray painters in order to offer certain specific benefits.