Perrin & Rowe’s classical round vanity basins are available in Australia from The English Tapware Company

Perrin & Rowe bathroomware is manufactured in the English midlands by craftsmen that have spent their working life learning their traditional trade.

Perrin & Rowe round vanity basins from the English Tapware Company are hand made to ensure precise dimensions and the basins are then fired three times to provide a smooth, deep glaze. Round vanity basins have an internal diameter of 360mm with the beautifully curved shape being deep enough to eliminate splashing.

There are two models of round basin allowing under mounted or top mounted on the vanity. When set into a marble top and mounted on a Hawthorn Hill basin stand, also from The English Tapware Company, the round vanity basins are even more eye catching.

These round vanity basins fulfill all the criteria of good modern design and feature quality design and materials, refined aesthetics and functionality.