Perrin & Rowe have recently released their bidet mixers that have been designed as part of the Perrin & Rowe bathroom tapware range. These bidet mixers are matched to the Perrin & Rowe bidets.

These bidet mixers are available from The English Tapware Company .

The Perrin & Rowe bidet is supplied with one or three holes in the rim to accommodate the four different styles of Perrin & Rowe bidet mixers:

  • The monobloc bidet mixer with lever handles
  • The monobloc bidet mixer with crosshead handles
  • The three hole bidet mixer with lever handles; and
  • The three hole bidet mixer with crosshead handles
The bidet mixers are offered with a pop-up waste which is operated by lifting the knob on top of the bidet mixer spout.

Perrin & Rowe bath tapware is manufactured in England and is well known for its design excellence, durability and quality of construction. Like all bathroom taps from Perrin & Rowe, these bidet mixers are machined from premium grade brass, hand-polished and coated in a choice of five beautiful finishes:

  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Pewter
  • Gold; and
  • English Bronze
Bidets are common bathroom fixtures in numerous European and Latin American countries and in the Middle East. In Australia, bidets are sought after by homeowners who have emigrated from countries where bidets are in daily use or who have used bidets while visiting there.