The English Tapware Company  offers a range of Perrin & Rowe shower heads for overhead showers. These shower heads are also known as dump showers or rain showers due to the cascade of water they deliver.

They may give the illusion of high water usage, but flow controllers limit the flow to 9 litres per minute to comply with WELS water conservation requirements.

Perrin & Rowe overhead shower heads, or shower roses as they are often known, are available in three dimensions: 130mm, 200mm and 310mm, the most popular being the 200mm size. Standard shower heads feature a perforated plate.

Perrin & Rowe overhead shower heads are also available in Easyclean versions that have been designed for localities where holes in a perforated plate clog with lime scale. Easyclean shower heads feature a silicone rubber sheet above the perforated plate with silicone rubber tips going through the perforated plate which self-clean every time the shower is used.

Perrin & Rowe overhead shower heads can be mounted from the wall using the Perrin & Rowe overhead shower arm or from the ceiling using ceiling outlets. These ceiling outlets are available in 100mm, 300mm and 600mm lengths.

Overhead showers can be controlled by Perrin & Rowe shower taps, with either lever or crosshead handles, or the Perrin & Rowe single lever pressure balance shower mixer.

Perrin & Rowe hand held showers are also available from The English Tapware Company. Hand held showers are mounted on a slide rail, the perfect complement to the overhead shower. Both showers heads can be fitted for an ultimate showering experience. The overhead shower head delivers a luxurious waterfall shower while the hand shower offers convenience.

Made in England, Perrin & Rowe overhead showers and hand held showers are renowned for their design, durability and the quality of construction. Shower roses and all fittings are made from brass, hand-polished and coated in a choice of five beautiful finishes – Chrome, Nickel, Pewter, Gold and English Bronze. Handles are made from fine porcelain.

Shower fittings are fully complemented by the Perrin & Rowe bathroom tap collection, bathroomware and bathroom accessories also available from the English Tapware Company.