The English Tapware Company presents a handcrafted range of fireclay sinks made in Italy.  

Acquello ceramic butler sinks are a range of high quality fireclay sinks designed for contemporary as well as classic settings.  

Featuring clean, distinctive lines and a lustrous glaze, Acquello ceramic sinks are also known as farmhouse sinks or Belfast sinks and are designed to wash large platters, trays and other cookware.

Acquello brings back the classic range of fireclay sinks to the forefront of modern kitchen design with this timeless collection of butler sinks.

Designed for durability, aesthetic appeal and functional value, Acquello’s ceramic sinks offer a seamless installation with a flat top and square corners. The flat top design makes the sink ideal for an undermount installation. When installed with the front exposed, the square corners of the Acquello butler sink ensure there are no unsightly gaps between the joinery and sink.

Key features of Acquello fireclay sinks: 

  • Unhurried construction process, taking more than four weeks to achieve high quality finish 
  • Robust 35mm thick walls render exceptional strength and resistance to both impact and thermal shock 
  • Available in single and double models in lustrous porcelain white or high-gloss black 
  • Supplied with a basket strainer waste and a customised sink protector rack 
  • Racks will protect plates and glassware during washing while also providing a little extra protection for the sink against heavy cast-iron cookware