In January 2007, The Endless Swimming Spa will release an exclusive new model of its famous, award-winning Endless Swim Spa, featuring indulgent additions such as a reclining seat for therapeutic back massage, and an optional neck insert that targets the shoulders and neck.

The Endless Swim Spa allows people to swim and train on the spot thanks to resistance created by counter swim surf jets.

According to The Endless Swimming Spa Co-founder and Head Designer, Warren Anderson, the new Swimming Machine model has been designed to further solidify the Endless Swim Spa’s reputation as a versatile, year-round health and leisure investment.

“People already know that a single Swim Spa can be tailored to suit therapeutic, sports, relaxation or leisure purposes. An easy example of this is diverting the water flow through the hydrotherapy massage jets to a monster jet for a more powerful level of massage,” says Anderson.

“What we’ve done with the new Swimming Machine is increase the massage, relaxation and user-friendly options for those who simply want to take time out, or who require recovery assistance from sports training or illness. It’s now more multi-purpose than ever.

“With the new features, you can still use the Endless Swim Spa to train hard but the enhanced massage options mean total body recovery. An increased depth allows use for therapeutic exercise. And you can of course use it to take time out and relax, or for the kids as their very own mini-pool.”

Anderson says the key features of the new Endless Swim Spa is a recliner, so you can lay back while six large, multi-directional and swirl hydrotherapy jets massage you from top to toe. The jets can target your entire back, thigh and calf muscles and even your feet. And the optional neck insert, with an extra five jets, target your shoulder and neck region above the water line.

Endless Swim Spas are ideal for those who want the exercise and entertainment benefits of a pool, but do not have the land space to accommodate this. They also offer a great way to reconnect with friends and family, seating five to 14 people, depending on the model.

There are now five different Endless Swim Spas to choose from - all of which use the exclusive salt water sanitation system, Endless Clean Water system. This means they are suitable for people with allergies or irritable skin conditions.

All offer exercise, relaxation and therapeutic massage in one spa to alleviate stress, aches and pains.

The new Swimming Machine measures 4.3 x 2.3m for in and above ground versions and for the portable version.